3rd July

…lack rain very badly. 1916 – JCW Mitraria fair. R brunosis good. R Mrs J.C Williams is nice yet , and Picatee holds on, Ingersii won’t open for a fortnight,…

9th July

…really dry the air is empty of moisture. 1916 – JCW No Romneya out. No R ingersii open. R fortunei Wilson wanes, P poissonii good. Mitraria good. L giganteums nice….

15th July

…L’s. Yesterday, not really open. Buddleias have hardly opened. R r remains poor, too damp. Mitraria fair. Very little in the hard wood way about. 1898 – JCW No real…

6th July

…had a few flowers only. Brunonis and Mitraria are nice. The Plagianthus are but just opening. 1919 – JCW R coulteri has hardly started. Brunonis is fair but not good….

17th July

…from Scotland, R brunonis very fine. Mitraria nice. No cyclamen. No buddleia’s. R decorum flower buds not moving yet. R cinnabarinum good and shaping. 1897 – JCW Anemone japonica open….

2nd July

…pteroclada coming on. Escallonia langleyense good. Mitraria fair. R moyesii goes back. 1901 – JCW Returned after a months absence much as on the other side, only later, a fair…

19th July

…just over, it is very late for some things. 1910 – JCW L giganteum nearly over. Brunonis over, R coulteri fair. Mitraria good. R cinnabarinum going back. Buddleias show colour….

25th July

…dry, several things dead. 1909 – JCW Buddleia variabilis shows colour. Mitraria fair. Cyclamen none. Half the daff seed sown. Most of the transplanting finished. R decorum not open yet….

29th July

…yet. 1911 – JCW A good few cyclamen are up. Buddleias are going back. Mitraria suffered badly in the long spell of dry weather, some lapagerias show, roses coming again….

30th July

…flowers good yet. 1910 – JCW The buddleias are just starting. Mitraria are good. Ferns by the mitrarias good. Honeysuckles good, not much else, an odd lapageria and so cyclamen….