23rd April

…of a name. Magnolia ‘Pink Royalty’ x ‘Daybreak’ Magnolia ‘Pink Royalty’ x ‘Daybreak’ Magnolia ‘Pink Royalty’ x ‘Daybreak’ Isla Rose (aged 2) in the Isla Rose Plantation. Isla Rose (aged…

4th March

…‘Caerhays Belle’ Magnolia ‘Caerhays Belle’ 2015 – CHW Camellia ‘Royalty’ Camellia ‘Royalty’ – Close up Camellia reticulatas in an exposed site by the old playhouse coming out early. ‘Royalty’ and…

27th April

…in flower so anyone’s guess! Leaves do not look a neriiflorum shape. Rhododendron phaedropum Malus ‘Royalty’ flowering in the Isla Rose Plantation. Planted last December. Malus ‘Royalty’ Malus ‘Profusion’ likewise….

6th March

…they seem excited none the less. We create a tour plan but can they rustle up the necessary customers? Camellia reticulata ‘Royalty’ nicely out as though last week never happened….

19th April

…opens is dramatically darker than when it is full out when it fades. Rhododendron praestans Camellia reticulata ‘Royalty’ still has a few decent flowers but I cannot see there being…