9th April

…powdery mildew and rust infections of old. Rhododendron cinnarbarinum Rhododendron cinnarbarinum Rhododendron hippophaeoides – a pleasant pale blue. rhododendron hippophaeoides habashan rhododendron hippophaeoides habashan Rhododendron rubiginosum ‘Wakehurst’ – excellent show….

27th September

…R saluense, R hippophaeoides, R scintillans, R telmatium, R impeditum, R decorum, R rupicolum, R primulicum, R racemosum, R lepidotum, R trichodadum, R intricatum, R leoides, R ponticum. 1919 –…

12th March

…R lutescens o R argenteum R primulinum R scintillans + R impeditum + R hippophaeoides R moupinense R arboreum pink and white o R sulfureum o R mollicoma + R…

14th March

…Very few Rhodo’s of any kind are opening, ciliatum with cantabile in the house and Watsonii with Calophytum outside. Fargesii, lutescens and barbatum show flowers hardly any others but hippophaeoides….

19th March

…of Ciliatum has been open and frosted. Daffodils much as above. Hippophaeoides is very nice. Big stuff had very few buds and then frosted. Osmanthus delavayi in the sun is…

26th March

…The best Rhodo’s are the Hippophaeoides set but frost and the cold of May 1923 leaves bare of Rhodo bloom. Rho fargesii is very good. 1914 – JCW R barbatum…

16th October

…week 3 big branches off the tall Insignis. 1924 – JCW I took a nice bunch of Hippophaeoides, Scintillans, Saluensis, Russatum x Primulinum to Wilson. C panniculata nice but not…

24th October

…1924 – JCW Just as in 1920 including no frost but much rain since the spring. Lately harvest in for about a week. Haematodes and hippophaeoides are the best rhodo’s….

16th August

…from lack of labour and energy. The buddleias are good also odd flowers are open on Auriculatum, Brachycarpum, Caucasicum, Primulicum with other mountain forms including Hippophaeoides which is very pretty….

10th September

…look too dry. 1916 – JCW The following rhodo’s are in flower – R flavidum, R hippophaeoides, R scintillans, R racemosum, R radicans, R fastigatum, and bits of flower are…