6th October

…Foster was and why he felt ‘sunny’ I have no idea! Ilex altaclarensis ‘Sunny Foster’ Ilex altaclarensis ‘Sunny Foster’ Hammamelis x intermedia ‘Rubin’ is a new (German) cultivar with red…

21st October

…similar condition not far away. Ilex x altaclerensis ‘Camelliifolia’ Ilex x altaclerensis ‘Camelliifolia’ The Cornwall champion Acer caesium subsp. giraldii has been given more light and has responded with a…

24th April

…– JCW Altaclarence seedling opening. Tropaoleum tricolor is well out. One R auklandii opening. 1899 – JCW Found Tropaoelum tricolor open. 1898 – JCW Saw the first Azalea altaclarence open….

26th April

…open. 1897 – JCW Poeticus recurvas nearly all open. Azalea altaclarence half open, various mollis open. Maples looking well. Auklandii’s out. Edgeworthi opens. Countess of Haddington open. Gentians very good….

27th April

…that I have seen yet. I saw a very splendid Lulworth seedling at A. Tulips all open here. Auklandii shows colour. 1899 – JCW Altaclarence just opening. No recurvas yet….

12th May

…1898 – JCW I pavonia has been open for some days, Andreana at its best, Altaclarence about, Iris lorteti quite, C montana, Clianthus, Habrothumnus all at their best. Rhodo’ fortunei…

28th April

…1902 – JCW The first carmine pillars open, also sparacio or two. Auklandii nearly at their best. Recurvas open, a bloom or two on Altaclarence. 1899 – JCW Went to…

15th May

…nearly over. Bluebells over. Primula pulverulenta good. C montana going back. May very good. 1900 – JCW Iris pavonia just open, Azalea Altaclarence good. Auklandii good. A cold rough wind….

20th May

…lorteti, most of the I pavonia, all the A altaclarence. Bluebells very good, primroses nearly over. No waterlilies. 1897 – JCW Pink May at their best, also Iris siberica and…

30th April

…pinnata SYRINGA pinnata Three Syringa pinnata full out outside the front gate. I first saw this very unlilac-like syringa at Altamont Garden in south Ireland 10 years ago and had…