8th July

…yet in the covered frames. Lilium hansonii Lilium hansonii Cupressus lawsoniana ‘Stricta’ which was planted in 1897. Forty foot perhaps. Cupressus lawsoniana ‘Stricta’ Cupressus lawsoniana ‘Stricta’ Sciadopitys verticillata with cones…

April 2018 Irish trip ( Day 2)

…firma – I am getting a liking for abies! Abies firma Abies firma Abies firma Cupressus arizonica in flower. Cupressus arizonica A fine Rhododendron macabeanum. Rhododendron macabeanum Rhododendron macabeanum Chamaecyparis…

3rd January

…fortunei Cephalotaxus fortunei Cupressus tortulosa is also covered in flower buds when you examine the twigs closely. Looks a rather tender and brittle evergreen. Cupressus tortulosa Cupressus tortulosa Cupressus tortulosa…

28th January

…‘Christmas Cheer’ Rabbit damage to the base of a 12-15ft tall young Sequoiadendron giganteum. Sequoiadendron giganteum Intense flowering on a newly planted Cupressus duclouxiana in the Isla Rose Plantation. Cupressus

2nd December

…will need to be grown on a steep bank. Camellia sasanqua ‘Waterfall Pink’ A good young plant of Cupressus tortulosa. Nice peeling bark on the young stem. Cupressus tortulosa Cupressus

8th December

…after the recent gales. Crataegus aprica Crataegus aprica Cones forming but not yet ripe on Cupressus tortulosa. I think Asia has grown this attractive small tree from cuttings already. Cupressus

26th March

…‘Mt Hokkoda Honshia’ with attractive bark. Betula ermanii ‘Mt Hokkoda Honshia’ Cupressus lusitanica – another new species to me and dullish! Cupressus lusitanica Cupressus lusitanica Corokia macrocarpa Corokia macrocarpa Magnolia…

1st April

…feathery new growth. Callitris oblonga Callitris oblonga Thuja koraiensis – nice silvery undersides to the branchlets. Thuja koraiensis Thuja koraiensis Cupressus austrotibetica – a new introduction in ‘New Trees’. Cupressus

18th June

…casualties. native hedge native hedge native hedge The yellow leaved form of Cupressus macrocarpa was planted 40 years ago as a windbreak. Under planting now needed and some leylandii to…

Irish trip April 2018

…rock with a huge spread. Yew Pinus montezumae – a blue form which seemed more cold hardy than ours ever were. Pinus montezumae Pinus montezumae Cupressus dupreziana was attractive and…