25th January

…The plant is 8-10ft tall with a similar dense spread. The flowers do not stand erect to the branches but are more lateral. Fatsia polycarpa Fatsia polycarpa Fatsia polycarpa Fatsia

18th February

…Very nice flower too and totally unlike Fatsia japonica. Fatsia polycarpa Fatsia polycarpa Dasilioron mequeriomexensis – looks like a puya. Dasilioron mequeriomexensis These would be available to us at trade…

15th July

…job is done. It is Taiwanese in origin but apparently hardy to minus 10°. We will see but it must be eight to ten years old already. Fatsia polycarpa Fatsia

3rd January

…as yet not quite out on Fatsia polycarpa which was such a great show at this time last year. Fatsia polycarpa Fatsia polycarpa Schefflera pauciflora now has ripe seed at…

12th March

…without the spidery leaves of some newer wild collected forms which we saw in Devon nurseries a month ago. Fatsia polycarpa Fatsia polycarpa Daphne odora ‘Rebecca’ was full out and…

RHS Savill Garden Pictures 2018

…japonica ‘Spiders Web’ growing into maturity Fatsia japonica ‘Spiders Web’ Fatsia japonica ‘Spiders Web’ Mahonia oiwakensis ssp lomariifolia var tenuifolia with fruits in the Temperate House Mahonia oiwakensis ssp lomariifolia…

2nd August

fatsia flower I think. Metapanax davidii Metapanax davidii Holboellia latifolia with its purple seed pods. Another new first for us (or me anyway). Another direct result of a hot summer….