31st July

…Oldham?) Meliosma pungens – now simplicifolia var pungens (we have an elderly original) Meliosma cuneifolia – now Meliosma dilleniifolia subsp cuneifolia Meliosma flexuosa – now Meliosma dilleniifolia subsp flexuosa Meliosma

9th April

…bark is not like Meliosma veitchiorum but its new growth and branches are? Could this be a mix up? I think we have had this discussion before. Meliosma oldhamii Meliosma

3rd June

…old and now only surviving Meliosma veitchiorum is in full flower with its strange pale green flowers. Meliosma veitchiorum Meliosma veitchiorum 2015 – CHW Late back from Belvoir and a…

5th May

…some in the autumn. Absolutely wonderful and the best thing in the garden today. Meliosma alba Meliosma alba Meliosma alba Meliosma alba Jim and Alison Gardiner were with the tour….

19th July

…the drought. Here a good Rhododendron kiyosumense. Rhododendron kiyosumense The Meliosma oldhamii flowers are so heavy that they have broken off a side branch from the tree. Meliosma oldhamii Meliosma

1st October

…he saw during his visit. Both are amazing plants! Meliosma parviflora Meliosma parviflora Meliosma parviflora 2015 – CHW One forgets to look out for eucalyptus at this time of the…

11th May

…coombei (?) with flower. Crataegus coombei Crataegus coombei Two pictures of Meliosma alba (formerly Meliosma beaniana) kindly sent from Borde Hill. They hope to send us seed later. Our plant,…

12th May

…ago. Rhododendron ‘Pushy Purple’ Rhododendron ‘Pushy Purple’ Rhododendron ‘Pushy Purple’ Rhododendron ‘Pushy Purple’ 2019 – CHW Exciting news! Meliosma oldhamii (formerly Meliosma pinnata var. oldhamii) has produced a number of…

4th May

…unknown species which needs checking in New Trees as it will probably have been renamed. A small tree with black bark. Meliosma myriantha Meliosma myriantha Meliosma myriantha Quercus rhederiana (allied…

20th November

Meliosma veitchiorum in the garden. I had not picked up on this before. Meliosma veitchiorum Meliosma veitchiorum Camellia x williamsii ‘November Pink’ full out by the mist houses. Camellia x…