18th June

…hedge native hedge The yellow leaved form of Cupressus macrocarpa was planted 40 years ago as a windbreak. Under planting now needed and some leylandii to remove. Cupressus macrocarpa 2019…

8th July

macrocarpa Cryptomeria japonica ‘Golden Promise’ and Cupressus macrocarpa 2018 – CHW The only thing to cheer one up here on a sweltering day is to visit Ventnor botanics. ‘The Beast’…

27th March

…have cut up the fallen pine and macrocarpa from the Wednesday northerly gale. A neat job and we now need to plant other trees or conifers in this exposed gap….

April 2018 Irish trip ( Day 2)

…planting. Only 7,500 visitors per year and just starting a tea room in an outbuilding. Derreen Garden The largest Cupressus macrocarpa I have ever seen – 26ft around the base….

1st April

…to Garden Book page) Award of Merit given to Camellia ‘St Ewe’ by R.H.S. 1941 – CW The big storm of March 31st took down the Macrocarpa in cutting and…

21st February

…Magnolia glauca Magnolia maudiae (hardy -20) Magnolia sinostellata Magnolia spaerantha Pterocarya macrocarpa var insignis Pterocarya rhederiana ‘Fern Leaf’ 2016 – CHW George Williams and friends arrive for a flying visit….