28th February

…and so Irroratum and Arboreums but frost on those low down.. Erica hybrida very good since hols.1924 – JCW A late year, Scarlet hybrids are mostly cut out by frost

23rd March

…the Giganteums. 1928 – JCW Magnolias kobus, salicifolia, halleana, conspicua, brozzoni, soulangeana and denudata all showing flowers after the frost. 1922 – JCW Hard frost which cuts the bloom but…

9th April

…entirely new to me. tatsiense For the acer care article – frost damage to emerging acer leaves. frost damage to emerging acer leaves Rhododendron ‘Olympic Lady’ – a williamsianum hybrid….

27th June

…clearing and new planting here. Another unusual but very attractive leaf formation which is so different from the gingko cultivar last week. Gingko ‘Jade Butterflies’ Gingko ‘Jade Butterflies’ Gingko ‘Jade

31st July

…featured in this diary with autumn colour. Gingko biloba Gingko biloba Gingko biloba Gingko biloba ‘Jade Butterflies’ in full sun on a hot bank. Gingko biloba ‘Jade Butterflies’ Gingko biloba…

29th December

…increasing frosts. No flowers on Noblissima. 1950 – CW A lot of snow and frost lately and very little out bar camellias. Flowers of Taliensis brown when opened but buds…

26th January

…etc. Far too early. Trewidden Argenteum has been first class.1969 – FJW First snowdrops. 1958 – FJW Period of frost and snow left. 8° frost – little damage. Camellias unabashed….

20th February

…like a Heptacodium miconioides trunk. Some wind/frost damage to the huge blue-green leaves but the flower spikes in full flower up high. Why does our Schima wallichii not set a…

16th February

…them the last two years also. Quite a miss! rhododendron hybrids rhododendron hybrids rhododendron hybrids rhododendron hybrids 2016 – CHW Finally a night of some not very severe frost but…

4th January

…the same plants with flowers in February and March last year so not that ‘odd’ perhaps. Magnolia ‘March till frost’ still has a flower as well as most of its…