29th May

…mature leaves. Ilex dimorphophylla Ilex dimorphophylla A young Ilex latifolia or at least that is what it was sold to us as. Here with berries and flowers. Ilex latifolia Ilex

22nd May

…fifth as Ilex kingiana. Here is the trunk of one of the Ilex dipyrena. Ilex dipyrena We locate four other Ilex kingiana of varying ages, but mostly 60 to 80…

10th October

…for Ilex mitis from sub-Saharan Africa where it is a large tree growing on Table Mountain and Mount Kilimanjaro above 2,500 meters. I remain doubtful. Ilex mutchagara Ilex mutchagara Ilex

16th February

…cyrtura Ilex cyrtura Ilex cyrtura Ilex cyrtura Ilex cyrtura Ilex cyrtura From: Charles Williams PA Sent: 08 February 2021 09:50 To: Gary Long Cc: Sam Galsworthy Subject: Ilex puzzle Dear…

6th October

…and the identical two have Forrest numbers 25424 and 25362. I. insignis is no longer a recognised specie name. Ilex hookeri or Ilex dipyrena Ilex hookeri or Ilex dipyrena Ilex

7th October

…gagnepainicina (FMWJ 13168) just below the main ride. Ilex aff. gagnepainicina Ilex aff. gagnepainicina I fail to find our Ilex mutchagara above Crinodendron Hedge.Ilex aquifolium ‘Aurea Marginata’ has some berries…

2nd October

…really rather than shrubs. Ilex dimorphophylla Ilex dimorphophylla Ilex dimorphophylla Ilex dimorphophylla Styrax japonicus ‘Westpelaar’ fruiting away as a small young plant with its attractive brown leaves. Styrax japonicus ‘Westpelaar’…

15th February

…forrestii Ilex forrestii Ilex forrestii Ilex hookeri has (as you would expect) serrated leaves so this is a nonstarter.Ilex cyrtura – the leaf size is not as Galle describes and…

4th October

…seen recently which had secondary flowers. Ilex cornuta Ilex cornuta Ilex cornuta Ilex kingiana with berries just about to turn colour. Laden as usual. Ilex kingiana Ilex kingiana A 1991…

23rd February

…campbellii ‘Sidbury’ A young Ilex latifolia about to come into flower in Penvergate. This one is not Ilex kingiana although the two are easily confused. Ilex latifolia Ilex latifolia Ilex