19th June

…a named variety one often sees. Azalea ‘Moidart’ Syringa komarowii with its very distinct leaves and first racemes of flowers. We have seen three species of syringa in flower in…

4th May

…scent is good. Syringa vulgaris ‘Primrose’ Syringa vulgaris ‘Primrose’ Syringa vulgaris ‘Primrose’ Enkianthus cernuus reflexus is just out but you can see the bells starting to curve at the end….

1st May

…a Syringa species or not? A bushy small shrub with pinnate leaves and light mauve flowers in terminal clusters. Another one to identify. Syringa species Syringa species Syringa species 2018…

27th May

Syringa ‘Sensation’ Syringa ‘Sensation’ I must have relented on the anti-lilac front for here is Syringa ‘Sensation’ with its bicolour flowers. Time it was pruned down hard. Not very floriferous…

6th August

…is what microclimates and planting plans are all about in a drought year. Syringa yunnanensis Syringa yunnanensis Most eucryphias are flowering poorly in the drought conditions (so far anyway) but…

7th September

…nicely in September. Syringa reticulata Syringa reticulata Cheques handed out at the wind-up meeting after the highly successful Caerhays charity fete on the 16th June. In all over £8,000 was…

15th November

…CHW Syringa emodii ‘Aureovariegata’ still with no sign of autumn. The prominent dark green centres of its leaves persist only on the leaves which are lower down the shrub. Syringa

8th April

…lamarkii full out in a vase and with very different new growth to Amelanchier laevis photographed last week. Amelanchier lamarkii Amelanchier lamarkii Syringa pinnatifolia out much earlier than ours. Syringa

29th May

…flowering for the first time in the frames. Excellent! Syringa wilsonii Syringa wilsonii Another new species of Philadelphus with its first flowers – Philadelphus satsumi. No great scent. Philadelphus satsumi…

21st October

…no other lilacs anywhere near so the seed should come true with variegated leaves as here. Syringa emodii ‘Aureovariegata’ Syringa emodii ‘Aureovariegata’ Loads of ripe seed on Meliosma dilleniifolia subsp….