31st December

…and have lost their lustrous colour which we saw in the summer when they set their first cones. Abies pinsapo Abies pinsapo Abies pinsapo Abies pinsapo Similar situation with Abies

19th July

…pinsapo Abies pinsapo Abies pinsapo Abies delavayi is growing nearby and also has its first cones. These are more rounded and barrel shaped than A. pinsapo with large spikes or…

13th September

…make a good tree. Picea glauca Picea glauca Abies delavayi is romping away just above it. Quite a contrast! Abies delavayi Abies delavayi This is all a totally new subject…

8th April

bought this in for Caerhays but I have no idea where from. Abies forrestii var. georgei Abies forrestii var. georgei Enkianthus campanulatus ‘Prettycoat’ has plant breeder’s rights on it. A…

31st August

from the tips of the cones. An even finer display than last year. Abies delavayi Abies delavayi The Japanese Abies homolepis (Nikko fir) is also similarly covered in blue cones….

RHS Savill Garden Pictures 2018

…blew down recently at Donkey Shoe Abies forrestii Abies forrestii Abies forrestii A very fine Rhododendron arboreum var roseum Rhododendron arboreum var roseum Rhododendron arboreum var roseum Rhododendron arboreum var…

April 2018 Irish trip ( Day 2)

…firma – I am getting a liking for abies! Abies firma Abies firma Abies firma Cupressus arizonica in flower. Cupressus arizonica A fine Rhododendron macabeanum. Rhododendron macabeanum Rhododendron macabeanum Chamaecyparis…

12th April

…Camellia reticulata ‘Red Emperor’ – again. Camellia reticulata ‘Red Emperor’ Camellia reticulata ‘Red Emperor’ Very fine cones on Abies spectabilis. We need to acquire this! Abies spectabilis Abies spectabilis Abies

4th June

…year) and about 35 to 40 cones overall. Abies delavayi nearby is similarly adorned. Abies pinsapo Abies pinsapo Stewartia ogisu flowering for the first time. Smallish flowers with pink buds….

29th March

…Picea abies ‘Rydal’ Picea abies ‘Rydal’ Frost damage to callistemon. Just the tops which now need pruning out. The remainder of the plants are fine and putting on new growth….