20th August

…aucuparia (mountain ash) with perhaps the finest crop of all. mountain ash And of course Quercus robar (English oak). Quercus robar Sorbus intermedia fruits not yet coloured up like S….

26th August

…Werrens. 1966 – FJW All corn in and only one field to bale – marvellous yield. 1916 – JCW Just as in 1914 for flower, several mountain rhodo’s show flowers….

16th August

…are out of their pans from lack of labour and energy. The buddleias are good also odd flowers are open on Auriculatum, Brachycarpum, Caucasicum, Primulicum with other mountain forms including…

1st September

…Yellow. Buddleias are over, roses in the three beds are good, hydrangeas are good. 1916 – JCW Bits of flower on the following rhodo’s – about 5 mountain species, decorum,…

26th February

…D.G. 1911 – JCW Dauntcep open, Caerhays well out, Maximus half open, Heaths good, one incomp open, several nice Camellias open. Snow on the mountain out. Garden after tea with…

23rd September

…10278, Flavidum, Intricatum, Rupicolum, Hippophaeoides, Trichocladum, Fastigiatum and Barum (=10423). 1916 – JCW Hydrangeas, cyclamen and cassia are all good. Lapagerias nice, several (6-7) species of mountain rhodo’s in flower….

8th August

…R decorum, Auriculatum going over, several kinds of mountain rhodo’n show flowers. 10332 is the best. Buddleia veitchii is nearly over, the dark one is good. The hydrangeas have begun…

10th August

…– JCW Michael went round with me, he has not been here since January 15, he was very keen about the things, nothing much open now but the mountain forms….

9th August

mountain Rhododendrons – a good deal of rain. Magnolia delavayi still many flowers, also both forms of Grandiflora. 1939 – JCW Eucryphia pinnatifolia 2 days short of best – Billardieri…

6th March

…or hybrids. The collection has 40+ species out of the 47 which exist worldwide. Some of the mountain top low growing species do not survive our climate. If you do…