13th September

…asperata Picea polita (now apparently Picea torano), the tiger tail spruce from Japan, with very prickly leaves indeed. Picea polita Picea polita Picea glauca has not fared so well and…

29th March

…male flowers. A tremendous show today. Picea alcoquiana var. acicularis Picea alcoquiana var. acicularis Picea alcoquiana var. acicularis Magnolia ‘Dark Shadow’ is damaged but rather uninteresting in what I think…

16th April

…upright catkin-like ‘flowers’ and female juvenile cones. In one picture you can see a mature old cone which is evidently Picea not Abies. Picea alcoquiana Picea alcoquiana Picea alcoquiana Picea

24th April

…year old clump of Picea omorika. Picea omorika The summer house surrounded by young Japanese acers. The Summer House Picea breweriana doing well. Picea breweriana Picea breweriana Picea breweriana Rhododendron…

20th April

…do again when they are all in flower.Picea glauca ‘Piccolo’ looking especially yellow today. Picea glauca ‘Piccolo’ Picea glauca ‘Piccolo’ Still plenty of late flowers on an old (but pollarded…

April 2018 Irish trip (Day 3)

…californica Myrica californica Picea parviflora – no seed still in the cones. Picea parviflora Picea parviflora Picea parviflora Rossdohan House as a ruin. Rossdohan House Rossdohan House Rossdohan House Rossdohan…

3rd May

…growing and small bushes. No idea why these have been allowed to die out in the nursery trade. Azalea ‘Crocea Tricolor’ Azalea ‘Crocea Tricolor’ Picea smithiana with new growth. Picea

10th April

…RHS lecture tour to look at ‘unusual evergreen trees’ with eight in the audience. Picea bicolor var. acicularis (Picea alcoquiana var. acicularis) with vibrant reddish cones on a young tree….

16th June

…to the catalogue. Camellia ‘Kitty’ Camellia ‘Kitty’ Camellia ‘Kitty’ Picea pungens ‘Spek’ with its fantastic light blue new growth. Picea pungens ‘Spek’ Picea pungens ‘Spek’ Picea pungens ‘Spek’ Cotoneaster confusus…

18th January

…twigs. I may have this the wrong way around of course. Cephalotaxus fortunei Cephalotaxus fortunei Cephalotaxus fortunei Cephalotaxus fortunei Picea likiangensis is developing into a good tree. Picea likiangensis Picea