28th March

…Williams’ is 6-8ft tall on Burns Bank and hardly a dwarf grower. Short lived though. Rhododendron impeditum ‘J C Williams’ Rhododendron impeditum ‘J C Williams’ 2016 – CHW Easter Monday….

2nd September

…have seen before. Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ First purplish autumn tinges on the record Acer henryi on the Main Ride. Acer henryi Secondary flowers on Rhododendron impeditum ‘JC Williams’ just below…

23rd March

Next Day > < Previous Day CONTRIBUTORS: FJW 1955-2007 CHW 2015- JCW 1897-1939 CW 1940-1955 2019 – CHW First flowers on Rhododendron impeditum ‘JC Williams’. Rhododendron impeditum ‘JC Williams’ Rhododendron…

27th March

…cuspidata Rhododendron impeditum ‘J C Williams’ just starting to flower. Rhododendron impeditum ‘J C Williams’ Camellia ‘Miss Charleston’ rivals ‘Dr Burnside’ as the best double red Camellia japonica. The latter…

19th April

…bit later but this was impossible this year with the forthcoming Wisley show in May. Camellia reticulata ‘Royalty’ Rhododendron impeditum ‘J C Williams’ is flowering rather sparsely for once. This…

Irish trip April 2018

…repens. Hard to know what to do as far as pruning goes. May be a ‘start again’ situation. Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens Rhododendron impeditum ‘J C Williams’ full out. Rhododendron impeditum

7th April

…picturered below, 2nd M. ‘Purple Sensation, and 3rd M. sprengeri ‘Diva’ Class 25 – 2nd with R. impeditum ‘J.C. Williams’   Class 2 – Rhododendron macabeanum, praestans, nivuem Class 5…

30th June

…1927 – JCW (Handwritten note attached to Garden Book page). Cuttings to take in June 1927: Kurumes. Pink Davidsonianum Shooting Ride near Barbatum. Pink Davidsonianum in Quarry. Werrington Impeditum x….

26th October

…been so dry. 1927 – JCW Decorum, Royleii, Neriiflorum well out. Several bits of the Impeditum set. A good Maddeni hybrid in the New Planting. Hydrangeas very good indeed. 1925…

7th May

…and blue – Rhododendron ‘Saint Tudy’(augustinii x impeditum) and hope for the best! Rhododendron ovatum Rhododendron ovatum Nearby is Rhododendron ovatum; a rather insipid pink with nice bronze new growth….