13th April

…various meetings on an overcast day.The new Distyllum racemosum ‘Blue Cascade’ has attractive new growth now. Distyllum racemosum ‘Blue Cascade’ Prunus autumnalis ‘Rosea’ in full flower rather late this year!…

2nd May

…An ancient white form of Rhododendron racemosum. Normally this is pink. Rhododendron racemosum Rhododendron racemosum Rhododendron ‘Countess of Haddington’ is rushing into flower and will be well over by Chelsea….

3rd April

…planting rhododendron planting A good Magnolia campbellii ‘Alba’ seedling above the rhododendron planting. Magnolia campbellii ‘Alba’ A new clump of Rhododendron racemosum (pink form) just starting to flower. Rhododendron racemosum

14th April

…clump of Rhododendron racemosum in Old Park. Rhododendron racemosum Rhododendron racemosum Magnolia ‘Genie’ still looking splendid above the Crinodendron Hedge weeks and weeks after we first saw it in this…

25th April

…plant 22 more magnolias and some rhodos with the dogs.Three plants of wild collected Rhododendron racemosum are nicely in flower but a rather insipid colour compared to other forms which…

28th March

…further on. pink one Magnolia ‘Early Rose’ is no longer early or rose-like. Magnolia ‘Early Rose’ Magnolia ‘Early Rose’ A good young clump of Rhododendron racemosum from wild sourced seed….

21st October

…in hand to gather: tethropeplum (Hothead) burmanicum (Rockery) zaleucum schlippenbachii fargesii albrechtii dichroanthum bureavii concatenans stamineum stenaulum discolor aberconwayi morii racemosum arboreum (three colours) delavayi falconeri cubitii praestans We drew…

13th February

…Sulfureum, Lutescens, Bayleyi, Davidsonianum, Irroratum, Dahuricum semp’s, Mucronulatum, Racemosum, Scabrifolium, Ririei, Quinquefolium, Moupinense, Thomsonii, Barbatum, Obtusum, Parvifolium, Rubiginosum.1915 – JCW Only Cyclamineus and one or two Cyc x are open…

22nd February

…Camellia x williamsii ‘Hiraethylin’ is an odd colour mix and quite nice. Camellia x williamsii ‘Hiraethylin’ Asia has grown a nice plant of the pure white form of Rhododendron racemosum….

20th February

…arboreum – blood red arboreum – micranthum – dahuricum – racemosum – sutchuenense. 1913 – JCW I found a small spray of Pyrus malus open. The Thomsonii x Arboreum lot…