9th April

Cyclamen repandum? Cyclamen Cyclamen Rhododendron tanastyllum CNT 6350 Rhododendron tanastyllum CNT 6350 Rhododendron suoilenhense now fully out and very splendid. Rhododendron suoilenhense Rhododendron suoilenhense A Rhododendron oldhamii just coming out….

3rd October

…Gaultheria mucronata ‘Bell’s Seedling’ Cyclamen coum with very varied leaf forms. Cyclamen coum Cyclamen hederifolium has attractive leaves too! Cyclamen hederifolium A new clematis for the catalogue – Clematis ‘Romantica’….

1st September

…drive hydrangeas good, cyclamen nice. 1915 – JCW The cassia is good, the cyclamen also, the lapagerias fair, the three beds are very good. 1914 – JCW The cyclamen are…

14th October

…nice. 1901 – JCW Several Iris alata open. Roses good yet also cyclamen. The weather has not broken yet. 1899 – JCW Cyclamen very fine. Lapagerias moderate. Some Rho nobleanum…

14th November

…Asia ought to grab these two while they remain intact? Lithocarpus pachyphyllus Lithocarpus pachyphyllus A good new display of cyclamen and winter pansies to brighten up the front door. cyclamen

24th August

…than usual. Time for another attempt to stop young Tim mowing the leaves, flowers or corns. Cyclamen hederifolium Cyclamen hederifolium Outside the front door the Zantedeschia aetheopica is finally setting…

7th October

…1995 – FJW First Sasanqua in flower by Side door. Seed on Reticulata by Georges Hut. 1989 – FJW First Sasanqua indoors. Could be an early season? White cyclamen splendid….

15th October

…Yellow Hammer, Auriculatum and one Maddeni a lot of flowers, also Mag grandiflora. Camellia sasanqua outside stables past best. Others becoming nice. Cyclamen and fuchsias very good also lapagerias. Some…

21st July

…Crocosmia Crocosmia Crocosmia A cyclamen flower in July? cyclamen Borago officinalis or culinary Borage is a common wildflower here but not a native apparently. We would normally see it flowering…

15th February

…middle path and never as now. Mixed with the snowdrops here too which were transplanted from The Vean 10 years ago before building work started Cyclamen coum Cyclamen coum 2016…