18th July

Podocarpus ‘Red Embers’ Podocarpus ‘Green Queen’ is another new one but very ‘plain’ indeed! Quite long and vigorous new growth though. Podocarpus ‘Green Queen’ Podocarpus ‘Jill’ Podocarpus ‘Jill’ Podocarpus x…

6th May

…‘Park Cover’ Podocarpus nivalis ‘Park Cover’ Podocarpus ‘Red Embers’ just starting to live up to its name. Podocarpus ‘Red Embers’ Podocarpus ‘County Park Fire’ not quite into new growth yet….

22nd April

…like a holly, but it is in fact Griselinia jodonifolia. Griselinia jodonifolia Griselinia jodonifolia Cryptocarya alba Cryptocarya alba Another unknown Podocarpus species. Podocarpus milanjianus. Podocarpus milanjianus Podocarpus milanjianus Podocarpus spinulosus…

31st May

…it has been much later in the season. Podocarpus ‘Young Rusty’ Podocarpus ‘Young Rusty’ Purplish stroboli in profusion on this green leaved male podocarpus quite near ‘Young Rusty’. What might…

16th March

…itself under a Lomatia bush. frog Podocarpus totara is a 200 year old tree with an enormous trunk. Podocarpus totara Podocarpus totara Litsea japonica with much larger leaves than ours….

6th October

…this young tree does match our mature plant. Podocarpus acutifolius Podocarpus acutifolius Podocarpus acutifolius Podocarpus acutifolius So, of the three species of Prumnopitys we may well have only one. This…

1st June

…Abies koreana The young new growth stands out spectacularly on Podocarpus matudae for a few days as the plant responds to rain. Podocarpus matudae Not bad on Podocarpus macrophylla either….

2nd August

…tall new growth. Rhododendron maddenii Podocarpus spinulosus with attractive light blue new growth. Podocarpus spinulosus A young female Podocarpus matudae covered in seed heads. Podocarpus matudae Aesculus parviflora full out….

24th May

…of seed cones (if that is the right word) that we saw on the phyllocladus last week. Podocarpus ‘Otari’ Podocarpus ‘Otari’ Podocarpus ‘Otari’ Plenty of flowers still showing up on…

8th February

…henkelii. Well worth growing just for this and never mind the huge podocarps (seeds) seen last year at Tregrehan on female plants. Podocarpus henkelii Podocarpus henkelii Camellia ‘Celebration’ – full…