21st June

…– FJW Walk with Philip. Flowers on following rhod – auritum, discolor, falconeri, argyrophyllum, macrostemon, decorum x by Diva, souliei x campylocarpum, lepidostylum, megacalyx, oreotrephes, Harrows hybrid and CW’s Harrows…

15th November

…on evergreen oak near Auklandii Garden below Falconeri. 1919 – JCW Pond frozen for five days. The hardest autumn week we have seen for many years. The hydrangeas remain good….

19th July

…– JCW American Pillar wanes. Buddleia opening. Romneya good. Plagianthus opening and is quite nice now. No crop of discolor or of auriculation or of weyrichii. Decorum, Falconeri is just…

7th May

…poor this year. Berberis stenophylla good. Falconeri really fine for the first time. Azalea amoena V.G. 1905 – JCW Recurvas nearly all open, and picked my last seedling today, just…

11th November

…green leaves. Deep yellow flowers resembling Rhododendon Valentiniodes. April/May. CWT6442. Rhododendron sino-falconeri. Falconera subsection. Forms a large tree. Huge pale green leaves. Indumented below, yellow flowers. April/May. CWT6336. Rhododendron excellens….

21st October

…discolor aberconwayi morii racemosum arboreum (three colours) delavayi falconeri cubitii praestans We drew a blank with no seed pods on the following: thompsonii nobleanum mucronulatum scabrifolium (Rockery) fortunei spinuliferum vaseyi…

24th June

…did on his first. 1962 – FJW This has been a very late year. The drive Azaleas were at their best between June 5-15th. Falconeri is still out. Camellias in…

17th May

…a few Azaleas, a few Waters rhodo’s. Van Tubergens wane. Mrs Butler a few open. R falconeri fine but for heat. 1906 – JCW Auklandii never so good as now….

21st April

…(van Tubergen) very good. Rho falconeri is opening. Montana rubra nice. 1910 – JCW Came back from Dinton having bought Green Eye. 1906 – JCW Returned from Dinton and Manglis….

16th April

…blood red at its best. 1899 – JCW Thomsonii open. 1897 – JCW R thomsonii, Falconeri, Fortunei and Countess of Haddington all open well. Tree ferns large and small have…