24th March

…10 days ago. I had feared the worst for these variegated Hoherias. Hoheria populnea ‘Variegata’ Hoheria populnea ‘Variegata’ Hoheria sextylosa ‘Pendula’ hardly has a leaf left on it either. I…

3rd August

…as you can see here. Hoheria angustifolia Hoheria angustifolia I catch the scent of the last few flowers on Rhododendron maddenii amid the Hoheria clump. Rhododendron maddenii Rhododendron maddenii Hoheria

3rd September

…– CHW Hoheria sextylosa is at last out. Very late and later than other hoheria species but Hoheria sextylosa ‘Pendula’ is still in tight bud which is most unusual. In…

2nd October

…late in the season. Hillier’s says mid to late summer flowering! Hoheria sextylosa ‘Pendula’ Hoheria sextylosa ‘Pendula’ Hoheria sextylosa ‘Pendula’ Nearby is Hoheria sextylosa with a much more erect habit….

18th September

…sextylosa ‘Pendula’ is full out from top to bottom. None of the other hoheria varieties (including Hoheria angustifolia) have any flower at all. Hoheria sextylosa is late this year. Hoheria

26th August

…plants have little flower and this too is a legacy of the dieback from The Beast. Hoheria sextylosa Hoheria sextylosa Hedychium densiflorum flowering on the top wall. Planted in the…

7th December

…Variegata’ Hoheria populnea ‘Alba Variegata’ Hoheria populnea ‘Alba Variegata’ Hoheria populnea ‘Alba Variegata’ The Camellia x williamsii ‘St Ewe’ hedge is only out, as yet, in parts and high up…

24th October

…Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’ A large oak branch has fallen on the Acer faberi and Camellia noblissima near Georges Hut since last Sunday. oak branch Seedpods on Hoheria sextylosa ‘Pendula’. Hoheria

6th July

…flower with us. Most are September. ‘Nothing to see’ still in July in the garden of course! Hoheria glabrata Hoheria glabrata Hoheria glabrata This Rhododendron sinogrande has set no seed…

1st August

…excellent upright growing and bushy form. Hoheria sextylosa ‘Snow White’ Hoheria sextylosa ‘Snow White’ Hoheria sextylosa ‘Snow White’ Hoheria sextylosa ‘Snow White’ Likewise the first flowers actually seen on Callicarpa…