26th August

…and Schima (probably) khasiana: All three side by side Persea japonica Schima? Schima khasiana And the same again with the leaves turned over: Persea japonica Schima? Schima khasiana The problem…

27th September

…resemblance with Camellia oleifera in the flower is striking. Some scent with the schima flowers but only close up. Schima khasiana Schima khasiana Schima khasiana Schima khasiana 2015 – CHW…

30th September

…an early flowering? Rhododendron mucronulatum Another Schima in flower which may be another Schima khasiana. It was planted as Schima wallichii but we all know the muddle in Schima identification….

28th August

…from a distance. Sadly no flower buds on our (supposed) Schima argentea this year. A few on (supposed) Schima wallichii but not out yet in more shade. Schima khasiana Schima

29th September

…in flower but, again, very few flowers compared to last year. Schima khasiana Schima superba is however covered and many flowers have already dropped to the ground. Schima superba Schima

5th October

…flowers are yellowish not pure white. You could be forgiven for thinking that the leaves were those of a Lithocarpus. Ours is clearly wrongly named. Schima argentea Schima argentea Schima

12th October

…last year. Schima khasiana Another Schima khasiana with very few flowers too and the other 2 plants have none. Hopefully Susyn Andrews can help confirm if these are indeed Schima

19th October

…originally. Their huge clump will be a sight soon and set seed which ours never have to my knowledge. Schima wallichii Schima wallichii Schima wallichii 1994 – FJW Dry spell…

20th February

…we grow here into just one species. Absurd! Schima wallichii Schima wallichii Schima wallichii An especially good dark form of Rhododendron spinuliferum which is out much earlier than usual. Tom…

1st October

…healthy tree for this season. Three out of our four different species of Schima have flowered this year. Schima wallichii did not perform. Schima argentea 2020 – CHW Work is…