30th April

…is not yet out next door. Azalea ‘Melford Lemon’ Azalea ‘Melford Lemon’ Azalea ‘Melford Lemon’ Azalea ‘Melford Lemon’ Viburnum setigerum just coming into leaf and flower. Nice new growth. Viburnum

6th May

…name. Podocarpus ‘Red Embers’ Podocarpus ‘County Park Fire’ not quite into new growth yet. Podocarpus ‘County Park Fire’ Podocarpus ‘County Park Fire’ Viburnum odoratissimum full out today. Viburnum odoratissimum Viburnum

7th April

…in the Savill Gardens! Lysichiton americanum Lysichiton americanum Cyrtomium falcatum ‘Rockfordianum’ beside the Temperate House. Cyrtomium falcatum ‘Rockfordianum’ Cyrtomium falcatum ‘Rockfordianum’ Never seen before – Viburnum bitchiuense. Viburnum bitchiuense Viburnum

24th April

…many berries still from last autumn. Not a species we grow but quite similar to Viburnum cinnamomifolium and Viburnum odoratissiumum in some ways. Viburnum cylindricum Viburnum cylindricum An unknown cotoneaster…

4th June

…Road which is unnamed on the planting plans is looking good beside the newly collected (relatively speaking) Quercus oxyodon. A viburnum species A viburnum species Sorbus folgneri ‘Emiel’ is out…

30th May

…species perform before. You could almost like it despite the nasty fragrance. Viburnum rhytidophyllum Viburnum rhytidophyllum The ancient huge wisteria by the playhouse is just going over. Hardly out pre…

8th February

…appeared to have been eaten by mice. Viburnum betulifolium Viburnum betulifolium Viburnum betulifolium Viburnum betulifolium The bark on the trunk of Stewartia sinensis is identical to ours at this time…

11th January

…year from planting out. Hillier’s say it is a form of Viburnum odoratissimum and this had occurred to me as well. I will photograph the true V. odoratissimum shortly. Viburnum

20th September

…and you can readily see why! The fruits are sweet and edible. One to take to the Garden Society dinner in early October I think. Viburnum prunifolium Viburnum prunifolium Viburnum

15th September

…looks unhealthy it has a fair crop. Viburnum prunifolium Viburnum prunifolium Viburnum prunifolium Tilia cordata ‘Winter Orange’ is turning in colour to yellow and its orange new shoots are going…