26th May

…1922 Azalea ‘Coccinea Grandiflora’ Azalea ‘Corneille’ Azalea ‘Corneille’ Azalea ‘Corneille’ Azalea ‘Merveille’ Azalea ‘Merveille’ Azalea ‘Merveille’ Azalea ‘Bartholo Lazzari’ – nearly over – raised in 1869 Azalea ‘Bartholo Lazzari’ Azalea

27th May

…Berryrose – just coming out Azalea ‘Berryrose’ Azalea ‘Berryrose’ Lemonara (or possibly Persil) Azalea ‘Lemonara’ Azalea ‘Lemonara’ Gibraltar – five plants in this group mysteriously dead Azalea ‘Gibraltar’ Strawberry Ice…

31st May

…not as many varieties as I had thought, all different in habit and clearly some are old hybrids quite close to their rhododendron species parents. Azaleas Azaleas Azaleas Azaleas Azaleas…

25th May

…Porthluney Beach mid-afternoon today. All for free! Azalea ‘Gina Mae’ is a cross between Azalea ‘Cecile’ and Azalea ‘Homebush’. The latter gives it its double flower. Azalea ‘Gina Mae’ Azalea

17th June

…– Azalea ‘Blue Moon’ and Azalea ‘White Moon’. Azalea ‘Blue Moon’ and Azalea ‘White Moon’ Azalea ‘Blue Moon’ and Azalea ‘White Moon’ Azalea ‘Blue Moon’ and Azalea ‘White Moon’ Azalea

14th May

AZALEA ‘Fedora’ – well over AZALEA amoena over by two or three weeks AZALEA ‘Greenway’ – nearly over AZALEA ledifolium AZALEA ledifolium – full out and just going over AZALEA

28th May

…full out as a very elder clump. Azalea narcissiflora Azalea narcissiflora One of the young Saler bulls. Young Saler bull Azalea ‘Hotspur Red’ full out and excellent today. Azalea ‘Hotspur…

3rd June

…an orange centre. Azalea ‘Gena May’ Azalea ‘Gena May’ Azalea unknown – a big clump by the Trevanion Holly. Azalea unknown Azalea unknown Azalea unknown – yellow and perhaps the…

25th April

evergreen / near evergreen azaleas semi evergreen / near evergreen azaleas Quercus lamellosa has suddenly shed all its old leaves – as it should now. I have been worried that…

20th April

…Plagianthus regius (formally P. betuloides) flowering exceptionally well high up the tree below Slip Rail. Plagianthus regius Azalea ‘Greenway’ and Azalea ‘Hinodegiri’ on Burn’s Bank. Azalea ‘Greenway’ and Azalea ‘Hinodegiri’…